Poker or Investing – The Tough Task of not being Result oriented

Years ago investor Mohnish Pabrai lost big on an investment in a troubled lender called Delta Financial. Soon after he did an interview with SmartMoney magazine: SmartMoney: How do you deal with Delta Financial, profession- ally and personally?Pabrai: Investing is a game of probability. Sometimes when you make favorable bets, you still lose them. Even [...]

ZEEL Stake sale- Financial or Strategic Partner. Which Augurs better?

Zee stake sale of upto 50% of promoters holding is likely to be concluded soon as per promoter’s statements in investor concall and on an interview with CNBC. Also, the promoters mentioned that they have one binding agreement and expecting another after which the family will decide.  One of them is financial investor and [...]

Investor wilderness

Investors usually invite catastrophe themselves, like two hunters who hired a plane to fly them to a moose hunting region in the Canadian wilderness. Upon reaching their destination, the pilot agreed to return to fetch them after two days. He warned them, however, that the plane could carry only one moose for each hunter. More [...]

Money: The Easist metric but not the Best

It is sad but true that owing to lack of good metric everything is getting measured by Money....Careers, Success, Philanthrophy, Artists etc Money may not be the best metric but it is the easiest and more readily avaiable along with being standardized. It is difficult to ignore the metric...... George Soros on Money and reason [...]