Book Review #NINE of 2021: Extraordinary Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

An Investment classic published in 1852. People like crowds. The bigger the crowd, the more people show up. Small crowd, hardly anybody shows up. -Gallagher With Gamestop, Tesla, and Bitcoin being the most talked-about investment idea in the last few months.  I decided to get back to the first principles of understanding and knowing manias. [...]

Book review #Seven of 2021: The Ten Commandments of Business Failure

By Donald Keough – A Coco-cola executive and with foreword from Warren buffet. This book immediately jumps into the best books on business in my list and simply put not many books are worthy of a foreword by Warren buffet (Halo effect).  While, there are many books that talk about reasons for business success and [...]

Book review #Six of 2021: Business Adventures by John Brooks.

Twelve classic tales from the world of wall street. The bizarre move in Gamestop stock last week prompted me to read this book especially to understand a similar stock cornering incident that was executed by a single person. In 1923, Clarence Saunders the promoter of Piggly Wiggly stores was involved in a corner and had [...]