Book review #Thirteen of 2021: Start with Why by Simon Sinek

How Great leaders inspire everyone to take action.

I would recommend people to watch the Ted talk ( Link here) which became famous of Simon Sinek on the same topic.   The book goes into further details with a lot of examples to prove his point.  I liked the concept of the golden circle but the author connecting almost all major success and failure to the theory behind the golden circle is way too much.  I believe too many people try to force-fit theories to explain examples of success and at times of failure.

Apple – Cult like status

It’s true as the author says that companies like Apple are able to sell you a multitude of products not because their products are better but because you tend to believe in the company. I am a fan of apple and I almost have bought all apple products. I am a part of a cult. People who try to convince me anything otherwise about Apple are wasting their time. I will remain a Buyer of all apple products until I die or afford it. The same can be said about Harley Davidson riders or maybe Starbucks coffee drinkers.

It’s true that some companies are able to achieve phenomenal success by focusing on making the consumers believe in “Why” they are in business. However, I would say many companies would have failed to do the same and one can start explaining that – but clearly a single theory trying to explain success and failures of companies – I cannot buy into.  A company like “general magic” should have been as big a success as apple but they failed miserably.

PS: Very glad to have finished 13 books in 1st quarter. As an Analyst quartrely meeting guidance is very important.


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