Fictional Cryptocurrency in India

A satirical note. Please dont try to invest in them.

U-turnCoin – This is a negative cryptocurrency.  All political leaders are given 100 coins by the election commission.  As soon as they do a U-turn in policy, one coin is detected from their wallet.  They cannot contest an election after they have exhausted all their coins. To make things equitable, Delhi CM to be given 500 coins.  

FekuCoin – This is an attempt to mine coins by the relentless work of bhakts on social media. New coins can be mined by coming up with a new Feku idea.  A coin is added for every new Feku idea, once that Feku idea is outdone by somebody else, the coin shift to the guy with the best idea. Ashoka road is the official registrar of these coins.  More than 3 coins can be exchanged for a MLA seat and 6 coins for a MP seat. 56 coins can earn a CM seat.

RagaCoin– These are coins distributed to enhance the stupidity of political discourse. For every stupid political discourse, the participant achieves 1 coin credited to his wallet.  On gaining 5 coins a person can admit himself to the opposition party and on winning 10 coins he is given an MLA seat.  50% of the coins are always with the VP of the opposition party. Given the limitation of earning power of these coins, many people tend to shift to FekuCoins.    

GodiCoins -These coins are for the Media Houses. Godicoins are a replacement to TRPs and all advertising dollars spend to be linked to the new currency instead. These coins can be mined by promoting Fekucoin owners. Govt patronage will depend on Media houses wallet sizes and will be offered exclusive interviews once they earn 100 Godicoins.    In extreme situations this currency can also be used to get swift bail hearing.     

DharmaCoins–  These are coins restricted to the Bollywood industry kith and kin. All current families of Bollywood are given a number of Dharma Coins. New coins are credited for every newborn in the Bollywood family. Dharma house is the official custodian of these coins. All kins of current Bollywood families can exchange these coins for launch in Bollywood. In case, of Dharma house stack is full, the coins can be redeemed at Chopra house.  These coins are strictly guarded and are only at threat from viruses like Kangna.

FreespeechCoin– These coins are specially for standup comics.  This coin can be earned by comics after they approach the Judiciary and win a case.  The easiest way to do this is to challenge the owners of Fekucoins. Any attempt by Muslim comics to mine this coin is a non-bailable offense.


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