Jagriti Yatra – Day zero

15 days , 12 destinations , 15 role models , 500 youth , 8000 Kms

Today I embark upon a 15-day long, national train journey that will take you 8000 kilometers across the length and breadth of India, to understand and build the India of smaller towns and villages through enterprise. Traveling along this train will be 450 youth – from all over the country , who have been selected from over 2700 applications . 40 % of the participants are girls and 50% + from non-metros .

I got to know about it at TedxGateway https://youtu.be/oD6BhGWakzE

Recently , I happened to get introduced to Ashutosh kumar , CEO of Jagriti yatra and a yatri for the last 10 years , who nudged me into joining the yatra.

The main idea of the journey is to make youth aware of the change agents and how they can lead the change themselves among the local communities .

Entrepreurship and social change has been close to my heart always and I recently quit my corporate career to take up projects in these areas. Jagriti yatra combines the best of both and with very motivated and energised youth with diverse backgrounds , I expect it to be hugely enriching experience .

Yesterday was a full day facilitators workshop – where the 70 odd facilitators were guided on how to make this journey an enriching experience for all the participants .

Few interesting personalities that fascinated me yesterday in the introductions were – A lady from rural India working on women upliftment , A lady CEO from US , A young student from China doing a course on social entrepreurhsip , A professional working in Olam Stationed at Mozambique who has been trying since 3 years to take time out for this trip , a story teller cum part time teacher from Chennai, an innovator who enabled usage of discarded tube lights etc .

I will be joining this yatra from Mumbai to Vizag as an expert in the field of finance . Will try to help the participants in looking at the business plans from a finance perspective.

Today 24th December is Day 1 and we kick off the train journey after a launch ceremony at TISS , Chembur .

To know more visit http://www.jagritiyatra.com/


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