Investor wilderness

Investors usually invite catastrophe themselves, like two hunters who hired a plane to fly them to a moose hunting region in the Canadian wilderness. Upon reaching their destination, the pilot agreed to return to fetch them after two days. He warned them, however, that the plane could carry only one moose for each hunter. More weight than that would strain the engine, and the plane might not make it all the way home.

Two days later, the pilot returned. Despite his warning, each of the hunters had killed two moose. Too much weight, said the pilot. “But last year you said the same thing,” one hunter declared. “Remember? We each paid an extra $1,000 and you took off with all four moose.” Reluc tantly, the pilot agreed. The plane took off, but after an hour gas was low. The engine sputtered, and the pilot was forced to crash land. The two hunters, dazed but unhurt, climbed out of the wreckage. “Do you know where we are?” one asked. “Not sure,” said the other, “but it sure looks like where we crashed last year.”

One thought on “Investor wilderness

  1. good one…I have made losses in f&o in 2004…then i stopped trading/investing completely…now i hv just crash landed again with losses in f&o…i the hunter and pilot…


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