A doctor reading of the Sensex

Sensex: Dr I am not feeling too good the last few days.

Dr: I told you earlier not to get too drunk on those high altitude parties….after all you were flying at near 16000 feet and that can get quite heady…

Sen: What to do, had so many foreigners at the party and they were all so generous with their liquor that even the domestic passengers got into the mood…..

Dr.: But still, should one not be cautious, after all you are no longer so young….have been running at this pace for the past 4 years or more!

Sen: What to do, Doc, I also got carried away. There were so many Theme parties going on in the main deck- you know, like the Infrastructure party and the Capital Goods costume dance- my, was that colorful! Doc you should have been there, I tell you!

Dr: That’s just my point- with so many theme parties, you would even have gate crashers?

Sen: You bet. We had an aerial boarding by a big bunch of Hedge fund guys who came in with their own themes- called the MidCap Salsa. The belles were so exotic that many of us started flocking to that part of the deck and every one recalled the big score that we had all made about a year or so ago at the last Mid Cap Salsa- boy, what a ball that was! I still have hangovers from that, mind you.

Dr: That is just it, If you restrict it to one or two drinks, I always recommend that you stick to the Funda Merita cocktail where the drinks are sedate and none of those exotic stuff that give you such long term hangovers, but you never listen- you always want to run after those nubile Small Seductresses who are all high on that exotic cocktail Technical Tequila.

Sen: Grow up, Doc, that is really where the fun is! After all, who is in this game for the money? That is just an excuse! We are all here to have The Great Time!

Dr: No wonder, old timers were scoffing at all your recent shenanigans. They left you high and dry after the last Angioplasty that you got back in early 2007, remember?

Sen: Hah! And who is having the last laugh? Look at their plane, it is not even taking off yet and here we are kissing 16000 feet over the air

Dr: But what happened now, you took a bad fall didn’t you? Hurt your hip, fractured a leg maybe?

Sen: Yeah, it does hurt a bit all over, but hey, I will be back, that’s what all my friends say. In fact they are waiting for me to rejoin the party.

Dr: Umm, let me see….what band was playing the music when you slipped- I am sure it must have been that hot new band, Derivative Dudes!

Sen: Yeah, you are right. And boy, were they strumming that lead guitar like crazy- you know a week ago, the volumes of vibrations from the guitar hit a new high frequency? Man that was a party! I had lots to drink that night and piloted my plane even higher. But that’s where I hit a bloody air pocket.

Dr: Well, let me take a look.. Hmmm, this wound does appear a bit nasty but nothing that cannot be patched up by some good imported Band Aid. Do you think your firangi friends will be good for that?

Sen: Yes I do think they will. But not too sure about those gate crashing Hedgie chaps- they are pretty fair weather friends, you know. I think even the Dour Domestics music band should get a chance to play now that the Derivative Dudes seem to be on a bit of a slide.

Dr: Well, I have stopped that bleeding and put in some antiseptics. The wounds are surface ones yet but take care not to catch this new virus- its called the SubPrime Defaulta virus. It is particularly virulent right now in foreign shores. Maybe contagious and you should remain wary of your foreign friends. Don’t party with them too hard.

Sen: Thanks doc, that’s a big relief. Guess I will just take it easy for a couple of weeks now. Let this virus thingy blow over a bit and then get back to my normal stride.

Dr: Sounds good to me. Good bye then.

– Contributed by Dr. CK Narayan


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