Money: The Easist metric but not the Best

It is sad but true that owing to lack of good metric everything is getting measured by Money….Careers, Success, Philanthrophy, Artists etc

Money may not be the best metric but it is the easiest and more readily avaiable along with being standardized. It is difficult to ignore the metric……

George Soros on Money and reason why it is important

But my life is not about money. For me, money is a means to an end. I fo­cused on money in my career because I recognized that there is a ten­dency in our society to exaggerate the importance of money, to define values in terms of money. We appraise artists by how much their cre­ations fetch. We appraise politicians by the amount of money they can raise; often politicians appraise themselves by the amount of money they can make on the side. I have gained recognition, not because of my philosophy or my philanthropy, but because of my success in mak­ing money. The prevailing bias in favor of money and wealth is a good example of what I mean by fallibility.

To translate the concept of fallibility into operational terms and to sharpen the point, I will assert that all our mental constructs, with a few exceptions, are actually or potentially flawed. They may contain an element of truth, but that element is likely to be exaggerated to a point where it distorts reality.


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