“Once we act, we forfeit the option of waiting until new information comes along. As a result, not acting has value. The more uncertain the outcome, the greater may be the value of procrastination.” – Peter Bernstein

Patience is a key element of success. – Bill gates

The outcome we are waiting for: The Markets to Tank (Correct or Consolidate are mere euphemisms)

Till when one we should wait: Well before the markets open opportunities of investing in stocks you like as low as 0.5-0.75x.

The higher the markets go from these levels (13,600) – the greater will be the fall, the greater the value of procrastination. And yes while you might be saying that there is no bad news around , why should the markets tank.- the fact is it is somebody who has to one day say that the KING is NUDE, and it could be a kid.

So collect all your cash, so that when others are panicking you are gathering your favorite picks.

And Yes WAIT!!! WAIT!!!! WAIT!!! WAIT!!!

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