Bill Gates : It’s all in the name

I was just going through the shareholdings of some companies. And guess what did I find when I saw the share holding pattern of Allianz securities. To see for yourself click here.

Well in the FII list I figured the name of none other than Bill and Melina Gates foundation. While at first I was surprised at to what was the foundation started by Bill Gates,  which is dedicated to bringing innovations in health and learning to the global community, doing investing in his company. However, a little closer look made me realize that “it  was all in the name” . While Bill gates foundation is “Bill and Melinda Gates foundation”, the one listed in here was Bill Gates and Melina foundation. (Without a “d” in Melinda).

Now I am not sure if the website spelt it wrong and it is actually bill gates invested in here or it is somebody masquerading as Bill Gates.

Anyways just found it interesting.



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