Career advice- Buffet

A question to Warren buffet and his reply …so apt

Q: What is your career advice?
A: If you want to make a lot of money go to Wall Street. More importantly though, do what you would do for free, having passion for what you do is the most important thing. I love what I do; I’m not even that busy. I got a total of five phone calls all day yesterday and one of them was a wrong number. Ms. B from NFM had passion, that’s why she was successful. A few months ago I was talking to another MBA student, a very talented man, about 30 years old from a great school with a great resume. I asked him what he wanted to do for his career, and he replied that he wanted to go into a particular field, but thought he should work for McKinsey for a few years first to add to his resume.

To me that’s like saving sex for your old age. It makes no sense.


  1. I also have notes from a private meeting I had with Tony Nicely of GEICO.Shoot over an email – I\’ll reply with the word file.- Shai

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